I was a little disappointed with Blago’s speech. I liked the parts where he went after his tormentors — he’s always best when he counterattacks. But he went on too long. Too many tangents and distractions. I think he works better with an inquistor — Larry King, Barbara Walters, Diane Sawyer. Someone who keeps him on point.

That said, it’s been a great week for him. No, he didn’t establish his innocence.  I doubt he’ll stave off impeachment. And he’ll probably get indicted, maybe even convicted. It could be he’s facing serious time in the joint.

But if I know the governor — and I’ve been watching him for years — I think he’s really enjoying his moment. This guy loves the limelight, and he’s been basking in it for days. He’s been on the national talk shows. He’s an internationally known celebrity. I’d say he’s almost as big as OJ — not bad for a kid out of Foreman High. 

His greatest challenge will be to keep the momentum going after he’s been ousted from office. If he plays it right, he can write a book and get a talk show. He has the potential to be the next Jerry Springer. Then, watch, a lot of  his biggest critics will be angling to get on his show.