I don’t usually read Richard Roeper – it’s that or take better care of my cuticles – but this is pretty awesome:

“Yes, the rate hikes were obscene, the city blew a potential $1 billion in revenue by farming out the business, and the pay-and-display boxes have been plagued with mechanical problems.

“However. The one silver lining in this cloud is people who live, work and play in the city can sometimes find a spot so they can run into the dry cleaners or drop something off or take a quick meeting, whereas in the past so many spots were taken by ‘squatters’ who would find a spot early and feed the meter every two hours.”

If you click through, you can read his moving elegy for David Carradine, based on the time he saw Carradine in Mancow’s studio and Carradine’s IMDB page. Oh, and something Roeper saw on YouTube. The Internet: verily, killing journalism.