Ryan Adams Credit: Julia Brokaw

After spending pretty much my entire summer immersed in Grateful Dead culture, I discovered a huge collection of Dead covers by Ryan Adams, and one thing became very clear to me: Adams can do a great fucking cover tune. So when I heard about him covering Taylor Swift’s 1989 front to back, I was immediately interested. A track from the record leaked yesterday, Adams’s rendition of recent smash single “Bad Blood,” and it’s today’s 12 O’Clock Track. The Ryan Adams version of the song bears almost no resemblance to Swift’s, turning in the high-gloss, hyperelectronic production for raw acoustic guitars and soulful rhythms—when it all comes down to it, this version of “Bad Blood” sounds like a lost Replacements recording. Check out the really fun—and straight-up excellent—rendition below. I’ll be jamming this nonstop until Adams releases his take on “Blank Space.”