CNN has a shot of each potential Vice-Presidential candidate’s home up, with another camera staked out at Midway Airport in Chicago. It’s exceedingly weird, as if they’re waiting for OJ or something.

The only reason I can think of for the Obama-TK campaign to announce the VP on a Saturday morning, pretty much the nadir of the national news cycle, is 1) it’s John Hinckley 2) just to piss off the cable news networks. At this point I was hoping that they’d just wait until next week’s convention and reveal the veep candidate LIVE to “The Final Countdown” or to the Alan Parsons Project like they do with the Bulls. Given the nature of the whole unveiling I’m going with #2, which I guess is honorable but it seems like an awful lot of trouble to go to.

Anyway, hell if I’m giving a political campaign my jealously guarded cell phone number so I will have to wait the 30 seconds for someone to blog the pick. I’m stranded in my birthplace with an overheating car, so unless the nominee has an immediate Jetta thermostat subsidy proposal or a western NC exit plan I will be focused on other things.

Just so my picks are on the record, I’m going with Bill Richardson for the Dems and Joe Lieberman for the Republicans. I am definitely going to be wrong about those. Back to reading Simon Baatz’s compelling new Leopold & Loeb book.