Bands, just like life partners and wallpaper, can get taken for granted. Consider Sabertooth, the  quartet that’s played the late-night slot at the Green Mill on Saturdays for 15 years. Yeah, let that sink in. As drummer Ted Sirota puts it in an e-mail: “If you’ve never seen us, you’ve missed approximately 2,400 sets of music, which amounts to about 12,000 songs that you’ve missed.”

The quartet–which also features Cameron Pfiffner and Pat Mallinger on saxes and Pete Benson on organ–has a laid-back but focused bounciness that appeals to the woozy party crowd without insulting the intelligence of jazz snobs. 

What does it take to get them out of their pre-dawn comfort zone? A release party, apparently. This Friday at 9 PM at  the Green Mill (4802 N. Broadway) they’ll be celebrating the release of their new Delmark release Dr. Midnight–recorded, naturally, live at the Green Mill.