Lady Jaye Breyer P-Orridge, the wife and collaborator of Genesis P-Orridge, died suddenly this past Tuesday from an undiagnosed heart condition, possibly related to stomach cancer. The reconstituted Psychic TV, called PTV3 this time around, was planning to tour the U.S. behind its first album in 12 years—they were supposed to play the Empty Bottle on November 14—but of course that’s all canceled now.

Genesis P-Orridge is the sort of artist whose excesses make him a lightning bolt for snarky remarks, many well-deserved, but it would be a shame if the virtues of his and Breyer’s fascinating work went unremarked: here are photos and description of an art exhibition the pair did in 2005. Their propensity for mutation, transmutation, occultism, and alchemy in pursuit of transformation of the self went as far as their own bodies; in keeping with their concept of “Pandrogyny” the two had been getting cosmetic surgery to more closely physically resemble each other—in a sense, being transgendered as performance art, or maybe sculpture. Underneath the sensationalism, one simply has to respect that level of commitment to a vision.

My condolences to everyone who knew her and was inspired by her.