They have a dumb name and an album (Retrospektiv) with a pretentious, graphic-designy album cover, but Audionom is not, in fact, an IDM band. They’re actually a bunch of Swedish dudes who seem to subsist on a strict diet of Krautrock, Joy Division, and terrible depression, which sounds pretty good to me right now, seeing as how it’s been months since direct sunlight touched my body and my cabin fever has reached near-psychedelic levels of madness.

Since the band seems to work exclusively in shades of matte black sound, calling any part of the record a “bright point” seems like a contradiction. But the best parts run a wall-of-sound drive lifted from the psychier end of the Krautrock spectrum into the gloomy atmosphere of Closer with a whole bunch of cold-ass synth sounds thrown in, and end up sounding sort of like Georgio Moroder scoring a Bergman film. In my mind I see the band in their rehearsal space finishing up a 20-minute extended jam, sort of spacing out and staring at the floor. One of them, maybe the synth guy, says, “The rock and roll, it does nothing for my sorrow.” Then everyone sighs at the same time and they break out the vocoder to see if that will cheer them up.