As the city awaits proposals for private management of Midway [PDF], it seems fitting to take a brief trip down memory lane . . . to those halcyon days of last summer, when the City Council held a hearing about another serious airport issue: security services.

As you may recall, aldermen took turns blasting Universal Security, the company hired to provide unarmed security services at the two airports–and the way the city awarded them the contract. Mayoral loyalists like Ray Suarez and Ike Carothers led the attack, accusing the firm of being unqualified and failing to meet even basic pay standards while describing city procurement officials as incompetent. A couple days later the full City Council passed a resolution calling on the city to void the deal, and the SEIU officials who’d provoked the rare burst of council activism promised to keep it up.

But nothing ever happens in government unless the right combination of political will, public pressure, and behind-the-scenes clout forces it along. In this case, at least two of the three went missing; which of them it was depends on who you ask.

Regardless, here’s the result, in the form of the payment history from the city to Universal Security.


Voucher Number Date of Payment Payment Amount
PV04070403096 02/11/2008 $560.50
PV04070402994 01/31/2008 $70,670.19
PV04070403079 01/31/2008 $60,741.86
PV85078503159 01/25/2008 $372,754.40
PV85078561815 01/14/2008 $82,942.15
PV85078561824 01/14/2008 $100,940.24
PV85078503158 12/28/2007 $299,056.96
PV85078561814 12/20/2007 $82,005.52
PV04070402634 12/12/2007 $76,596.20
PV04070402617 12/03/2007 $120,853.71
PV85078502296 11/30/2007 $367,173.02
PV85078502829 11/28/2007 $299,056.96
PV04070402391 11/09/2007 $6,582.21
PV04070402313 10/30/2007 $99,977.63
PV04070402181 10/16/2007 $5,619.75
PV85078561638 10/12/2007 $83,998.88
PV85078561604 10/03/2007 $66,309.26
PV85078561605 10/03/2007 $79,271.21
PV85078502280 09/28/2007 $282,075.26
PV04070402058 09/24/2007 $96,528.92
PV04070402057 09/20/2007 $40,630.44
PV85078502279 09/07/2007 $262,831.06
PV85078502230 08/09/2007 $235,019.98
  Total $3,192,196.50