Kevin Youkilis hits another homer: What you lookin at?
  • Paul Boucher
  • Kevin Youkilis hits another homer: What you lookin’ at?

I went to a White Sox game Thursday, and a Bears game broke out.

During the rain delay that eventually postponed Thursday night’s game at White Sox Park, the Sox puts the Bears’ game in Green Bay against the Packers up on the scoreboard television. Most people seemed to appreciate it—if not the numerous Detroit fans in attendance—and it was certainly more pleasant than the abrasive rap they kept booming through the public-address system.

But you know what? There’s a pennant race on, and the Sox happen to be in first place, a game ahead of those very same Tigers. So allow me to repeat again: it’s baseball season.

Thank the baseball gods the Sox called the game before the Bears could fall behind on the way to losing 23-10.