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  • The Randolph Street Market kicks off its eighth season this weekend.

Last month, Stephanie Sack, owner of Bucktown plus-size boutique Vive la Femme, and shoe designer Kathryn Kerrigan amicably ended their business partnership, and Sack has opened a shoe boutique called Violette in the space that formerly housed Kerrigan’s shop. Located at 2031 N. Damen, Violette features “cheap and cheerful” shoes priced between $29 and $99 in sizes 7 through 12. Sack handpicks the styles herself and specifically looks for designs that are “classy and comfortable, but with a twist.” Brands include Gomax, Envy, and a sandals line called Dezario, which Sack loves for their “timeless style—they’re very ‘foxy lady at the pool in Florida.'” When we spoke, Sack was just about to start working on a window installation featuring purple footwear, which will presumably be on display for the opening party tonight from 6 to 10 PM. Until 8 PM, guests can vote on the big question of “Heels vs. Flats,” with the winning styles on sale for the rest of the month.