Of comedian Tig Notaro’s many distinctions, one is that she didn’t have a Twitter account until this past August, right before the release of her latest HBO special, Boyish Girl Interrupted. Partly that’s because she is a very busy lady. Between the release of her special, her Netflix documentary, her wedding to comedian Stephanie Allynne, and a TV show in the works, she has no characters to spare for social media. 

So began a bit where her friends took over her account for the day, each choosing the next successor. The first round of guest tweeters included big names like Sarah Silverman, Jeff Garlin, and Kumail Nanjiani, and during the past four months the gig has trickled down to lesser-known names, giving up-and-coming comics a day to reach a new audience. Today is Sam Gordon’s day. 

“It is very neat and unexpected,” the Chicago-based comedian says. Her personal account, @WhatSamJustSaid, has 631 followers; @TigNotaro has almost 45,000. Cleveland comedian Kris Wernowsky, who Gordon worked with in the past, passed the torch to her today. As for the next person to be given the honor? We’ll just have to wait and see. 

“I would like to pass it along to another local comic, I think that would be nice,” Gordon says. “I’m not sure who though!”