Because there’s nothing sexier than newspaper gossip.

Mickey Kaus (emphasis his) gets some red meat from Sam Zell’s recent meeting at the Los Angeles Times: “[Kaus Files] hears Zell was rather more critical than that. In his talk to the assembled staffers, he said he found the paper ‘pretty bland.’ He pissed on the business section. He ran down the importance of foreign coverage as opposed to local news. Asked whether front-page ads compromised the integrity of the paper, he called that idea a ‘crock of shit.’ He made a big point of saying the paper had to print what readers wanted to read, not what LAT editors wanted them to read. . . .

Fantastic. More critical than what? you may be asking. More critical than this engagingly banal memo by Times publisher David Hiller.

“High energy straight-talking business owner looking for same in us”

“He doesn’t associate with mediocrity, so wants to ‘go for greatness'”

“Focus, focus on our customers”

“‘I can’t do it’ has to be eliminated from our vocabulary”

“Meanwhile, what can we do? Keep driving revenue to show improvement in the remainder of the year, and push ahead with our Times Change efforts with the urgency Sam displays.” 

Joanna, we need to talk about your flair.