What is a journalist? A journalist is someone reduced to tears by gibberish passing as thought, especially from the desk of someone who’s got control of your future. Don’t cry, but here’s a memo from Lee Abrams, the newly appointed “innovation officer” of the Tribune Company: “News and Information is the NEW Rock n Roll.” 

He soon asserts: “On a very personal level, it is important to me that I help Tribune fight ‘junk culture’. Smart re-invention that enlightens. Websites can be Disneyland for the mind; TV stations (especially news) can put the Kent Brockman cliché to rest and create a visual experience that intoxicates with brilliance and freshness; And Newspapers! We owe it to our culture to make sure they thrive…We can make America smarter. Not more elite . . . just smarter.”

Reading this in context doesn’t help, but here’s the entire memo.

And here’s more: “Average sucks. Best to be brilliantly good, or SO bad, it’s engaging. It’s that evil zone of average that American Media is stuck in. WE MUST not accept average. Fight it! It’s gotten to be accepted that average is fine. No it’s not . . . it sucks! Theater of the Mind. We have to play there. We gotta deliver the magic . . .”

AFTERWORD: For a thoughtful contrarian view of Abrams from the Reader‘s Whet Moser, click here