• LoftSEVEN213/Creative Commons

Once upon a time, sample sales were strictly invitation-only in-store events, open only to fashion editors and other in-the-know types. Today I can’t open my in-box without seeing a half-dozen emails from companies such as Gilt, Ideeli, and HauteLook offering online sample sales, each of which I have to log into separately, and scroll through all of the offerings. Suddenly walking over to Nordstrom seems a lot more appealing.

The new site MyNines says it offers an easier way: it partners with sample sale sites and consolidates them for you in one place—only one username and password required—and allows you to search by site, designer, price, category, and more. In addition, they offer a calendar of upcoming sales, alerts on items or brands you have indicated interest in, and a rotating list of pieces chosen by fashion bloggers, stylists, and celebrities. Still not sure what the name is supposed to mean, though.