Samsung’s new music-playing phone, the Juke, was probably named after old-timey record playing machines and not the Chicago post-house music style or its namesake dance move. But as Brendan I. Koerner notes in a guest spot at Gizmodo, Samsung’s ad people are willing to play up the association; they’ve made a commercial built around a footwork routine set to a soundtrack that pretty well approximates Chicago juke. Koerner estimates “0.005 percent of viewers” will take issue with the fact that the song isn’t, strictly speaking, juke, and that it comes from a non-Chicago source, the Bay Area duo HardNox. I fully fall into that category—hey McCann Erickson, our guys do occasionally make songs that aren’t, you know, full of swears and exhortations to juke them hoes—but watching a native sound make its way into the mainstream definitely sparks some hometown pride. Then again, hearing one piece of watered-down juke makes me wonder how many more I’ll hear in the future.