Youll Never Walk Alone

  • You’ll Never Walk Alone

Bric-a-Brac Records promised that last weekend’s grand opening party featuring Madison’s the Hussy and local duo Slushy would be the first in a regular series of shows hosted at the shop. The brand-new record store is keeping its word, because tonight, less than a week later, they’re having San Francisco psych-pop outfit Burnt Ones play at 6 PM. Burnt Ones’ latest LP, You’ll Never Walk Alone, which came out in May on Burger Records, is some sort of modern psychedelic masterpiece. The band (whose lineup includes Landon Caldwell from Indianapolis’s Learner Dancer and for a while featured Blasted Canyons member Adam Finken) blends the fuzzy drone of Spaceman 3 and Jesus & Mary Chain and injects it with a huge dose of poppy melody. It’s groovy and spacey, undoubtedly San Franciscan in origin, and impossibly catchy. One of the record’s many highlights, “Hologram Dropouts,” can be heard after the jump. It adds some T. Rex stomp and swagger to the mix, making for a perfect pop gem. The show at Bric-a-Brac is free and all ages.