I don’t think this is what Sasha Frere-Jones was talking about.


Eternal Damon Locks, a professional-quality distributor of syncopated rhythms and lingering low end, posted the above video on his MySpace blog, followed by the following question:

Is this an example of…

A. The facination of black culture and an attempt at a sincere homage

B. Simple ironic appropriation without any cultural subtext

C. Classic Pat Boonerism (white artist covering black music making it more palitable for white audiences)

D. Covering the song minus all sexual and rhythmic dynamics with the addition of white self-deprication the remake reforces a feeling of white superiority.

I would like to add an option E along the lines of, “Probably a complicated and seemingly self-contradictory combination of all four, plus it’s not even an original idea by any means.” I would also like to be able to erase that video from my memory as easily as I can erase it from my browser history.