The Trib scored an interview with Sarah (and briefly Todd) Palin. As a teaser, here are a couple questions:

Q: You have amazing campaign crowds and yet still people are saying ‘is she weighing down John McCain.’ How do you feel when you hear that or when you see pollsters asking that question.”

Q: You’re giving this policy speech tomorrow, but has this journey been worth it to you when you’re getting nitpicked on wardrobe and polls”

The transcript is here, and the story’s here (if you’ve never written a news story from an interview, compare to see how babies are made).

Update: I wonder if the RNC will give her unused makeup to charity. PRIORITIES: YOU’RE DOIN IT WRONG. The McCain campaign’s the last outfit that should be spending more on makeup than political strategy. Although her makeup artist is doing a better job than McCain’s advisers, so maybe it makes sense.

Update II: Ta-Neishi Coates:

“Then yesterday I saw Palin has the highest negative rating for a VP candidate in recorded history. And yet, fools are still talking that ‘Palin for president in 2012.’ You know me. Totally obsessed with race, so let’s say it. A brother in that position not only would not be considered for 2012, he would be impeached when he returned to governorship for embarrassing the state, and then have his ghetto card revoked for embarrassing the local Negrocracy. This country would never allow a black person to be in Sarah Palin’s position, and for that I have only two words for white folks everywhere–Thank you.”

I have to admit I’m a little confused as to how a candidate can be “nitpicked” by polls.

And Daniel Larison:

“Not to push the Huckabee vs. Palin argument too much in one week, but can Henninger be serious when he says he would rather have Palin as President instead of Huckabee during an international crisis?  Let me put that another way, since I doubt anyone can seriously believe that: does Henninger really want to go on record espousing such a ridiculous view?”

Couldn’t agree more with him, because I never understood why Huckabee never took off with the Republicans. He’s calm, likable, quick on his feet, more articulate about his faith than any other candidate including Obama, and clearly appealing to and even part of the evangelical base without coming across as a sop to the lunatic fringe. His compassion, while it may take different forms than mine, seems genuine. He’s got some dirt underneath his nails (an Arkansas governor? you don’t say), but nothing I recall that seemed more squirrley than most pols, except the Wayne Dumont thing, which is so weird I can’t wrap my head around.