• A still from the video for “Bricks”

Last month, Chicago rapper Sasha Go Hard ended her hiatus with “Bricks,” the first song she’s released since she gave birth to her daughter earlier this year. Now the slinky track produced by Young Haz on Da Beat gets its own technicolor visuals courtesy of director Aaron Perkins Jr. The video for “Bricks,” released this week, sees Sasha spitting straight into the camera as the room around her crackles with psychedelic colors. Her image is run intermittently through a pixelated filter, while a few Disclosure-style line drawings flash around her face.

Like Nicki Minaj did a month ago with “Only,” Sasha lashes out against claims that she’s slept her way up the ladder on her new track. The money and clout she’s earned are all hers: “No I do not have a deal/ Just know I ain’t missing no meals,” she raps. So far there’s been no word on a new mixtape or debut album, but I’d guess that “Bricks” is the first indication that Sasha will have a busy 2015.

Watch the “Bricks” video below.