Scion not only makes cars that resemble futuristic toasters but also dabbles in music, especially metal. The Scion Metal Matinee series, which has already showcased the likes of Skeletonwitch, Fuck the Facts, Torche, and Magrudergrind, rolls through Reggie’s Rock Club on Saturday. The show is free, all-ages, and features two of the best hardcore/metal bands currently active.

Trap Them headlines, warming up for the string of punishing two-month tours they’re sure to take once the forthcoming Darker Handcraft drops March 1 on Prosthetic Records. Do yourself a favor and check out “The Facts” for a preview of the album.

Seattle’s Black Breath play second, calling down a blitzing metal shitstorm reminiscent of Disfear and Entombed. Their debut full-length, Heavy Breathing (Southern Lord), was one of my favorite things about last year.

Mammoth Grinder plays first at 5 PM, and I strongly encourage you to arrive early. All it takes to get in free is an RSVP at, and the organizers aren’t making an effort to limit RSVPs to the number of people the club will hold. In other words, signing in doesn’t guarantee you’ll make it past the doors—it’s first come, first served. Them’s the breaks, I guess.

Even if you can’t get into Reggie’s, you can still see Mammoth Grinder. A little bird told me they’re playing a house show later Saturday night in Rogers Park with Texas grindcore band Hatred Surge. If you need more info, kindly use the Google.