Lauren, Ben, Becky, Sarah & Mick—at the Hideout!

Almost as soon as our second annual First Tuesdays summit on education had finished, folks were bugging me—when will the video be available?

You know, for the masses who couldn’t be at the Hideout on Tuesday to have their spirits lifted with a 90-minute discussion about our leaders’ inability to deal with our dead-broke schools.

By the way, you have no idea how hard it was to put this post together, largely because Mick Dumke and I—the brain trust behind First Tuesdays—are not exactly Mark Zuckerbergs when it comes to uploading video.

As you recall, one purpose of the summit was to gather some folks who really know what’s going on with our schools.

So, thanks to our guests—Lauren FitzPatrick of the Sun-Times, Sarah Karp of the Better Government Association, and Becky Vevea of WBEZ.

Also, thanks to Chris Buddy, the world’s greatest videographer, who recorded the show.

If you recall, Peter Holderness—our previous videographer—used to hold that title. But Peter moved to California, so we’ve given his old title to Chris.

By the way, Lauren makes a very dramatic entrance about halfway through the show. She had a good reason for being late, as she was interviewing Forrest Claypool, the latest mayor-appointed savior of public education.

Let’s hope Claypool can avoid urging the board to dole out a $20.5 million no-bid contract to a company he used to work for.

Like the last great mayor-appointed savior of CPS.

Also, you’ll note that the show leads off with a brief comedy bit by Tim Tuten, co-owner of the Hideout.

For our next show, Tim’s thinking about broadening his act to include impersonations.

Here’s the video: