• Chicago rapper Scheme

With hip-hop seemingly dominated these days by a coalition of depressed Illuminati members, more well-adjusted Illuminati members, and ADHD Internet freaks it can be hard to remember a time where a lot of rappers were just fine coming off like regular dudes. And not only that but they would make songs that you could do regular-dude stuff to like drive around or smoke a bowl with your friends on the couch, ie. stuff besides pouting in multimillion-dollar condos or going on Mountain Dew Code Red-fueled murder sprees.

That time was the 1990s, which gives local rapper Scheme’s unflashy, lazily bouncing “Hello (What’s Up?)”—a song about hollering at a presumably non-sex-droid human female—a pretty heavy retro flavor even before you start trying to remember the last time you heard straight up DJ scratching on a song like this. Check out the video after the jump.