• From Two Moon Junction (1990)

The February 3 passing of Red Shoe Diaries creator Zalman King sounded a death knell for a certain type of American pornography. With the wildfire spread of hardcore clips online, there no longer seems to be a market for the genteel, plot-based softcore in which he specialized. A few generations from now, maybe someone will make a House of Pleasures-style re-creation of King’s antiquated 1990s eroticism—for now, Red Shoe Diaries DVDs go for about $10 each on eBay. The other day I talked about King with Stephen Fletcher, who’s presenting a double feature on Tuesday night of Nine 1/2 Weeks (which King co-wrote and produced) and Two Moon Junction (which he wrote and directed). You can e-mail him here for further details. Fletcher is a freelance film editor and an employee at Tribeca Flashpoint Academy; he also hosts regular underground movie screenings around town. Our conversation follows the jump.