During this week’s Republican National Convention in Cleveland, photographer Joeff Davis documented the good, the bad, and the ugly (lots of ugly, actually). The result is a fascinating look at the GOP elites (Paul Ryan, Newt Gingrich), D-list celebs (Scott Baio, Don King), regular Trump supporters waving signs with slogans like “Hillary for prison,” and protesters outside Quicken Loans Arena chanting “Stop Trump!” And then there’s the candidate himself in all his fake-tanned and wispy-haired glory, quick on the draw with finger guns, posed next to his VP pick, Mike Pence, his wife Melania, and his gang of slick progeny. With his camera, Davis manages to capture the feverish cocktail of fear, anger, absurdity, and desperation in and around the convention, among Trump delegates and anti-Trump demonstrators alike. Eyes bulge, mouths are agape, sweat beads on foreheads. Uncertainty and violence loom. Donald J. Trump could become president of the United States.