If you’ve been keeping up on your Britney Spears news, you already know that last week she interrupted her concert in Vancouver for about 40 minutes, apparently because people in the audience were hotboxing the place with cigarettes and pot, and then at the end of the show told the crowd not to smoke weed (and to rock out with their cocks out). Possibly worth noting: she did so while dressed as a sexy cop.

Some people who were there–obviously not connoisseurs of batshit insanity–feel ripped off by this and have put up the site refundfrombritney.com to, in the site’s own words, “FORM A GROUP WANTING COMPENSATION FROM BRITNEY SPEARS ET-AL!!” The site’s fevered, eccentrically capitalized copy and its Geocities-in-its-prime design make it seem every bit as loco as Britney, which is great for those of us who are connoisseurs of batshit insanity.

As commenter George_Spiggott notes on a Metafilter thread devoted to the site: “At last, the site that answers the question, ‘You paid serious money for a feigned performance by a clinically insane has-been: how’d that work out for you?'”