Dayra Cardoze's collection for the SAIC Fashion Show 2017 Credit: Jim Prinz for the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

Inspired by film director Wes Anderson in her collection “Let Her Dance,” junior student Dayra Cardoze created fashion-forward yet wearable pieces for last month’s undergraduate fashion show at the School of the Art Institute. If great style is a savvy mix of opposites, Cardoze hit a sweet spot with her “double personality” garments—basically two looks sewn into a single outfit. “By combining unexpected prints, shapes, textures, and colors I created three contrasting garments that are an homage to his whimsical and peculiar style,” she explains on her website. Even though there’s plenty of fabric in the collection, Cardoze displays a certain moderation when it comes to accoutrements that’s uncommon among young designers—her accessories perfectly complemented the outfits, with a nerdy feel brought by the big eyeglasses and the combo of on-trend socks with furry sandals.

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