Schnitzel, Chicago-style

A good thing: Chicago’s food truck scene is thriving. I don’t have numbers to support that or anything; rather anecdotal evidence from my visit to Schnitzel King’s new storefront in Bridgeport.

So, for one thing, Schnitzel King has a new storefront in Bridgeport. They’ve been on wheels throughout the city since 2011, and this stationary portal from which to sell their enormous breaded-and-fried meat sandwiches (and sausages and potato salad and pierogi) is a sign they’re probably doing well. No. They’re definitely doing well. It’s a mixed blessing.

When I stopped by at around 6:30 on a recent Monday evening, they’d had a really good day on the food truck (at the U. of C., I believe), which means they’d run out of several things.

There were no more eggs to make a Holstein—a pork or chicken schnitzel stuffed inside a Turano roll and topped with cheese, peppers, and a fried egg—nor was there any King’s red sauce (i.e., house-made marinara) to go on the Saucey or Eggplant schnitzels, their take on a parmigiana preparation.