The Sun-Times has a nice article on a pet peeve of mine, the demise of stores with decent classical music selections. I’m particularly impressed that the author managed to locate and praise Oak Park’s Chicago Digital (905 S. Oak Park, just a few steps away from the Oak Park Blue Line stop), which I’ve been carrying a torch for since I lived in OP. This seems like a minor problem, since anything can be had on the Web, but the biggest online sites haven’t really mastered the art of the serendipitous browse (except for eBay and Craigslist, which explains some of their success).

The only advice they missed was: buy a turntable. For whatever reason, classical fans don’t seem to be as obsessed with vinyl–perhaps because they trend older, and it’s not as much of a novelty?–so there’s a lot of really, really cheap classical records floating around, and the kind of load that would cost you a couple hundred bucks in CDs can be had for a Hamilton.

Also: would it kill the Jazz Record Mart to do a sideline in classical? ‘Cause that would be really convenient for me. Just asking.