• Europa Report

A few days ago I received the good news that the sci-fi movie Europa Report would open at the Music Box this coming Friday, in a last-minute addition to the theater’s schedule. I’d been looking forward to seeing the film since I learned about it a few months back—it marks the English-language debut of Sebastian Cordero, the talented Ecuadoran director of the serial-killer movie Cronicas (2004) and the black comedy Rabia (2009). I was hoping that the U.S. release of Europa would draw greater Stateside attention to Cordero’s other four features—gritty, pungent little movies that feel bracingly authentic in their world-weariness and gallows humor. (I was probably being overly optimistic; even the support of Guillermo del Toro—who helped produce both of the films listed above—failed to make Cordero a recognizable figure here.) Europa had been slated for a Chicago release on August 2, then pulled by its distributor sometime last month. My compliments to the Music Box for not letting it slip through the cracks.