• Things aren’t going to work out well for these guys

For the past hour or so the Internet’s been a-sizzle over a certain contentious pop songstress’s new video, but for all of the brilliant jokes it’s produced regarding dudes who look like the merch guys for vegan screamo bands and the cost of renting a couple of largish tigers, the clip mostly just makes me think of 90s Meat Loaf videos. Much more entertaining and worthy of repeat viewings is the video for the new single, “Faust,” from former Sharp Darts subjects Secret Colours. The clip, directed by Elijah Alvarado, begins as a droning psych number accompanied by dreamy footage of young bohemians partying fireworks style. Frankly, it comes off like an outtake from a Levi’s commercial at first, but soon flips over into nervy, garage-inflected rock ‘n’ roll and some delightfully seedy criminality before exploding in the best twist ending I’ve seen since The Game came to Netflix Instant.

Check it out after the jump: