826Chi students interview Peter Cottontale. Credit: Leor Galil

During the Pitchfork Music Festival, local nonprofit writing and tutoring center 826 Chicago sends a handful of students to Union Park to interview some of the performers as part of a music-writing workshop called “The Rest Is Noise.” I got the chance to serve as one of the volunteers for this outing, and it was a pleasure to watch these teenage journalists get a scope of the festival, kick back during the performances, and chat up musicians. Contributing Reader videographer Chris Buddy captured the students in conversation with some of the musicians on the bill—along with one local rocker who happened to be attending the fest. On Sunday the students discussed gold mining with Single Mothers, picking up music at a young age with Mourn, the influence of Kendrick Lamar with Kittyhawk front woman Kate Grube, and the process of collaborating on Surf with producer and Social Experiment member Peter Cottontale. Take a look at some of the highlights from the interviews on Pitchfork’s final day below, and while you’re at it check out the video interviews from the festival’s second day, which we posted yesterday.