Crying (the band)
  • Courtesy of Crying’s Facebook page
  • Crying (the band)

On Saturday Bottom Lounge showcases a great array of groups who play fourth-wave emo, pop-punk, and, um, chiptune. Well, Crying is the only band on the bill that plays chiptune—the New York state three-piece cuts their sharp, occasionally prickly video-game synths with robust pop-punk guitars and sullen vocals that fit right in with emo’s second and fourth waves. Next week Crying drops a full-length compilation, Get Olde/Second Wind, on primo Boston indie label Run For Cover. The first half of the album (Get Olde) actually came out as an EP last summer, and it’s quite charming; I’m particularly taken by the romantic swooning on “Bodega Run,” which is today’s 12 O’Clock Track. If you dig it head to Bottom Lounge early on Saturday—it’s a five-band all-ages show, and Crying goes on second.