Chicago Access Network Television has recorded messages from 22 of the 23 candidates for Congress in next week’s special Fifth District election. The next cablecast of these short talks begins at 10:30 AM Thursday, and Barbara Popovic, CAN TV’s executive director, says additional cablecasts will continue to be added to the CAN TV schedule. To see the most up-to-date schedule, click here.

Only state rep Sarah Feigenholtz, who’s running in the Democratic primary, didn’t make it to the studio.

Popovic was one of several people whose names I knew but whom I hadn’t met before Sunday’s Chicago Journalism Town Hall. The conference was an unqualified triumph on at least one score: the audience that packed the Allegro Hotel’s Walnut Room wasn’t just filling the seats — it was making the scene. For anyone who considered himself or herself an engaged Chicago journalist, there was nowhere else in Chicago to be.