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  • This guy’s ready for some well deserved (or whatever) R&R.

I’d just finished reading an article about the Chicago’s ethics board—yes, we have one—whitewashing Mayor Rahm’s ethical performance.

In this case, the ethics board recently opined that it’s perfectly ethical for Mayor Rahm to take campaign contributors from city contractors.

Even though the mayor himself issued an executive order supposedly banning him from doing so. ‘Cause taking donations from contractors would be unethical.

The ethics board was investigating a complaint—lodged by alderman Bob Fioretti—that money managers, who help oversee billions in city’s pension funds, have contributed about $600,000 to the mayor’s campaign.

The ethics board reasoned that the contractors are not technically contractors even though they have a contract to manage pension funds.

Thank you, David Sirota, investigative reporter extraordinaire, for writing that article, which you can read right here.

You should know that members of the ethics board are appointed by Mayor Rahm.

Which raises another ethical question . . .

Is it ethical for an ethics board comprised of mayoral appointees to judge whether or not the mayor’s behavior is ethical?

My musings were interrupted by another article—this one by John Byrne in the Tribune—in which the mayor brags about his sterling record on ethics.

At which point, I thought, That’s it, Mayor Rahm. You win. Take the marbles.

Claim whatever you want. If you want to say the sun rises in the west and sets in the east, be my guest.

But, wait, then I read a third article—by Fran Spielman in the Sun-Times—where the mayor says he’s plum tuckered out.

And so he’s taking time off to vacation in Chile.

Where he will presumably refrain from closing any more schools—as he did once before while on vacation.

I suppose this may be the mayor’s way of saying it’s time for all of us—even Mayor Energizer Bunny—to break for the holidays. So a break I shall take, as I sit around my house watching Bulls games and Paul Newman movies.

On the other side of the break lies a new year. Which includes a can’t-miss January 6 appearance by Cook County Board Commissioner Jesus “Chuy” Garcia at the Hideout show, hosted by yours truly and a guy named Dumke.

By then Mayor Rahm will have returned from Chile, presumably rested, so that he can begin dispensing more BS for you, the electorate, to consume.

Apparently, you can’t get enough.

It will be left to candidates like Commissioner Garcia and Alderman Fioretti to lay out the case for voting for someone other than Rahm in the upcoming election.

Speaking of things that await us in the new year.

For me, bringing Commissioner Garcia to the Hideout will be one the highlights of the new year, even better than watching Cool Hand Luke—for the 432nd time.

The show starts at 6:30 PM and the Hideout’s at 1354 W. Wabansia—so put it on your calendars!

In the meantime, have a happy, restful holiday—one and all.