Michael Richards and Jerry Seinfeld
  • Michael Richards and Jerry Seinfeld

There are a couple key advantages afforded to the cocreator of the best situational comedy ever. First is the unfathomable amount of money at his disposal—the show made billions of dollars from rerun syndication alone. Second is the free rein to produce and fund whatever project he’d like—as self-indulgent as it may seem—based on the enduring fanaticism of his sitcom’s fan base.

As suggested by its matter-of-fact title, Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee has a pretty basic premise. During each episode of the web series, Jerry Seinfeld, a classic-car hound, introduces and fawns over a lavish and rare automobile—like a ’73 Porsche 911 Carrera RS or a ’69 Lamborghini P400S Miura. Sometimes it’s one of his own, sometimes it’s a loaner, but before he phones the comedian with whom he’ll be shooting the breeze for that episode, he undoubtedly gets to red-line the speedometer.