Tough times for TIF recipient MillerCoors:

Still, the end of uninterrupted Coors Light growth will add urgency to MillerCoors’ toughest task: ending a string of declines for Miller Lite. The brand, essentially the company’s co-flagship, posted a mid-single digit decline in the quarter.

I’ve been watching a lot of sports recently, what with football and the World Series and all, and I couldn’t help but notice how awful Miller Lite commercials are – they’re obviously, noticeably worse than all the other crappy domestic beer campaigns. As sportswriter Joe Posnanski has noticed, one high-profile ad is basically about how Miller Lite drinkers aren’t just assholes, but loserish assholes: “The takeaway: If you are the type of man who prefers low-calorie beer to attractive women, Miller Lite is a good choice for you.” Beer ads that make me yearn for the non-ironic sexism of the Swedish Bikini Team: hard to get much worse.

I say no more public money until they conceive an ad campaign that doesn’t actively drive people away from the brand.