I can’t say I agree with everything former Illinois Senate president Emil Jones told the Defender about Mayor Daley’s Olympics.

I agree that the so-called community benefits agreement is a sham–just a bunch of goals with no real commitment behind them–that’s not worth the paper it’s written on.

But I can’t say I’d support the games if the mayor would only kick some contracts to black vendors, as senator Jones suggests. But that’s how it goes in this town. People will pretty much let the mayor do whatever he wants–such as taking billions from the schools and tearing up the parks to throw his Olympic party–as long as they and their buddies get a slice of the pie.

After the aldermen ripped into Jones for his comments, I called the former senate president to ask if he would elaborate on his comments about the Olympics.

But he didn’t get back to me. 

Too bad. We need more leaders to speak out against the games. The silence from our political, civic, and corporate leadership is deafening. I guess senator Jones figured he’d done enough for one guy. It’s like the song says: “Oh no, I said too much / I haven’t said enough….”