• DonkeyHotey
  • Want to kill a bill in the Senate? Mum’s the word.

The Senate’s first day of business will last for at least one more. Senate majority leader Harry Reid recessed proceedings this afternoon instead of adjourning them. That’s because the Senate can change its procedures only on the first legislative day of a session, and no agreement has yet been reached on changing the filibuster rules. Recessing instead of adjourning means that tomorrow will still be today.

Reid said on the Senate floor today that the body will first revisit legislation to help victims of Hurricane Sandy. One that’s done, he said, “the Senate will take action to make this institution that we all love work more effectively. We will consider changes to the United States Senate rules.” The Senate would recess instead of adjourn “to continue the same legislative day, and allow this important rules discussion to continue.”

He added that he was “hopeful the Republican leader and I will reach an agreement that allows the Senate to operate more effectively.”