Michael Miner has the leak of the new Tribune staff badges, featuring The Chairman of the Board and a quote from a resonant song he basically owns. You know, to inspire the . . . oh, no:

“The words The Best Is Yet to Come are imprinted on Sinatra’s tombstone.”

Even if you don’t think the new Trib badges are a bad omen, I wonder if Lee “I see newspapers fooling themselves by targeting 40+ but the content is clearly more 70+” Abrams approves. Kinda doubt it, he’s a little more rock ‘n’ roll. As for me, “the best is yet to come,” as a come-on, sounds like a Roth IRA or Cialis ad. So as part of the future generation of newsreaders I thought I’d do my part to appeal to the youth. Maybe it’s not too late to print some up.