I have so much more to say about David Schneider and his new Wicker Park Greek spot Taxim that I’ll be devoting a whole column to them in a couple weeks. But for now, let me just add to the review that runs this week in Food & Drink: I think it’s one of the most interesting and exciting restaurant openings so far this year.

There are two other new reviews over there–Grocery Bistro by Julia Thiel and Branch 27 by Martha Bayne–but don’t miss the three others in the listings. Martha explored Nigerian food cafeteria-style at Uptown’s Iyanze. I filled in the blanks on the predictably cretinous Bull & Bear, but found plenty to like about the thoughtful sandwich making happening at Birchwood Kitchen. And Anne Spiselman dug the view and the desserts at Fred’s at Barneys New York, but not much else.

Not brand-new but still notable: Amelia’s Bar & Grill.