Dance music has long kept its gaze locked on the new—new sounds, new ways of combining them, and new methods of getting them out to audiences—but it’s not immune to the temptation to look over its shoulder from time to time. Brighton, England-based producer Jack Adams, aka Mumdance, has an obvious affinity for 90s shoegaze, which although technically a rock sound drew a considerable amount of inspiration from the burgeoning UK electronic scene of the time, as well as the kind of techno that Kevin Shields was soaking up back then. He also likes grime—the style that’s been blurring the lines between rap and dance music in the UK for the past decade or so.

On his latest album, Twists and Turns, Adams combines the two influences, along with more contemporary sounds like Burial’s fastidiously tailored ambient dubstep, into something that someone at the excellent music blog Passion of the Weiss has cheekily decided to name “grimegaze,” probably knowing full well the number of groans that would inspire amongst a readership that’s lived through some seriously dumb/useless/annoying microgenre tags in the past.

Although it sounds like a recipe for a stylistic trainwreck, Twists and Turns has a compellingly listenable, idiosyncratic personality that should appeal to hardcore dance music listeners and casual fans alike. With songs that lean heavier on the shoegaze side of the equation it might even go over well with people who usually avoid the stuff. You can stream the entire album on Adams’s SoundCloud page right now, and download it for free for the low price of some social networking love. Or you could just hit the jump to listen.