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This Gap ad, originally shot and blogged by journalist Stephanie Marcus, has been making the rounds. As Marcus points out, the store doesn’t say anything negative about jeggings, a piece of clothing that is arguably much more difficult to pull off. The Gap might have overstepped its bounds on this one—I doubt even Stacy London would have the balls to tell one of her stylees straight-out that her legs were too ugly for shorts. Presumably the company is counting on consumers to have poor long-term memories, since it’ll need to sell shorts again next spring.

I don’t care for shorts all that much, but my opinion has more to do with the ultra-casual way people wear them to inappropriate locales—a restaurant is not the beach. And if you’re a guy, it doesn’t matter how great your legs are—baggy shorts and flip-flops are an unflattering combination. Yes, it’s hot. That’s why there are cotton pants.