According to iTunes I added New York rapper Le1f’s Dark York mix tape to my library more than a month ago, but I only listened to it for the first time today. Now I really wish I hadn’t let it get temporarily lost in the never-ending flood of music coursing through my downloads folder, because I really like it and wish I’d heard it in time to write about Le1f for Soundboard. With any luck he’ll come back soon so I can remedy this, but in the meantime allow me to let you, our cherished online readers, know that Dark York is one of the most psychedelic rap records of the whole psychedelic rap revolution happening right now, with production by heavyweights like Nguzunguzu and Matt Shadetek and raps by Le1f that make you wonder if he somehow scored a sensory-deprivation tank and replaced the salt water with promethazine. He opens for dance-pop trio Lemonade at the Empty Bottle on Friday.

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