• K-Holes

Like it or not, the invasion of the summer street festivals is under way. The city certainly hosts its share of gargantuan blowouts (for instance this weekend’s Spring Awakening Festival or that thing that happens in Grant Park in August), but it hangs its hat on the street fest. This weekend has the Taste of Randolph Street, with headliners the Hold Steady, Los Campesinos!, and Those Darlins soundtracking a collective scarfing down of upscale street-fair fare. That doesn’t sound too shabby, really, but plenty of people (myself often included) don’t care to jostle through the hordes of inebriated festivalgoers slamming beer bongs from second-story windows for a regularly touring band that’ll likely return in the fall.

So I implore you to get out of your house during this beautiful weather in order to support local businesses that may actually suffer because people would rather be outside in the warmth. This week’s Soundboard offers plenty of options for those who prefer the homey confines of a bar or club, where alcohol comes in glass and the musicians (usually) don’t wear sunglasses onstage.