• Serengeti

Holy hell, it’s practically Pitchfork weekend! How on Earth am I going to escape the onslaught of festival-related aftershows, afterparties, and ironic spinoffs? Is it even possible? Will I be ruthlessly ridiculed for having no desire to attend any event branded with the Pitchfork stamp? Does that make me a traitor to the city of Chicago?

No, it doesn’t. It actually might mean you’re a tad saner than most, opting to skip the heat, crowds, dehydration, sunburns, porta-potties, and pricey nosh for a more chill existence. Of course Pitchfork is this weekend’s it event—we wouldn’t have undertaken a massive guide with writeups for every single act and detailed itineraries from staff writers and local hotshots and weirdos if it weren’t—but if you want to check out a show at a venue with a ceiling, we can still provide you with our weekly Soundboard list of entertainment. We’re good like that.

So venture out into the world without a wristband or a schedule. Don’t worry about slathering on sunscreen or being forced to resort to Heineken. Pitchfork doesn’t own you—it owns me and the rest of the Reader‘s music writers. Check out what else is going on and liberate yourself.