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I just read a Wired/Ars Technica article about how USB thumb drives and 3G data networks have made sharing samizdat media considerably easier for North Koreans, who are prohibited from (among about a million other things) accessing media originating outside what the government considers the better of the two Koreas. According to the story, the illicit importation of South Korean music and TV shows has helped expose the North Korean government’s lies about the superior quality of life for the average citizen, and has encouraged a minor revolution in the form of sharing banned files. Which if you know anything about the hypersugary South Korean pop music that’s probably being widely traded, is completely amazing and baffling in a postmodern kind of way.

In America, of course, we are free to listen to whatever we want. Exercise your right to do so by going out to see some live music. A couple of suggestions, after the jump: