Credit: Courtesy of ShowYouSuck's Facebook

I’ve never been shy about how much I like local rapper ShowYouSuck. I write about him regularly in the Reader, both online and in print. And last month I celebrated my 30th birthday by going to see Show headline Emporium in Wicker Park. I fought fatigue and an oncoming cold to watch him tear up his underattended late-night set (after midnight on a Wednesday isn’t exactly prime party time), and like he always does, he delivered each line as though he had a packed house hanging on his every word. 

Because ShowYouSuck is such a reliable performer, it piqued my interested when I learned that he’d dropped a live album Monday night called LarpLord316 (it’s from an August set at a west-side underground space). I’m generally uninterested in live recordings, but the bits of LarpLord316 I’ve heard capture Show’s onstage energy and charm. I’m as taken by his rendition of the previously unreleased “Fuck That Diet Let’s Eat Some Pizza” as I am by his banter at the end: “That is a rap song about positive body image.”

ShowYouSuck performs tonight at the Donald E. Stephens Convention Center as part of the first day of the inaugural Reaction NYE. “Fuck That Diet Let’s Eat Some Pizza,” today’s 12 O’Clock Track, ought to make it clear why he’s a great choice to help kick off any festival.