• marco mayer/shutterstock
  • Not the phone in question—nor the sandwich

I just got a press release for an ongoing eating contest at Phil’s Last Stand; contestants have to consume a six-pound shrimp po’boy, a pound of fries, and a 32-ounce drink within an hour. That po’boy, the PR continues, is “three iPhones in length, one iPhone in width, and an iPhone in height.” I realize that iPhones now fill every purpose imaginable, from virtually simulating breast augmentation to sending messages from a virtual girlfriend—there’s even someone who deep-fries them and calls it art. But old-fashioned though it may be, I sort of think inches and feet are more useful than iPhones as units of measurement. As a coworker pointed out, it’s not terribly useful for girth. And even with an iPhone sitting in front of me, I can’t really picture the size of the sandwich. At least, I couldn’t until I looked at the photo attached to the message, which is below.