“I only grow weird things.”–Oriana Kruszewski

Back in late 2006 I spent some time with Oriana Kruszewski, the Green City Market’s Pear Angel. I got to hang out in Oriana’s fantastic Skokie back yard where she grows dozens of Asian pear trees and other exotica. But I never made it out to her farm in Winslow, where the majority of her pears, black walnuts, and paw paws grow. Back then Oriana was talking about retiring, but she’s still at it, as evidenced by Mike Gebert’s latest Sky Full of Bacon podcast, where he visits the farm.

It also features an outtake from the mulefoot podcasts, in which Blackbird/Avec pastry chef Tim Dahl practically salivates as he describes the winey, bubblegummy goodness of a particular variety of her pears that he used for the Whole Hog Project dinner.