Reader contributor and vegetarian provocateur Mike Gebert‘s snazzy new food video podcast series Sky Full of Bacon has the local food blogosphere all atwitter, but he says his focus isn’t strictly on Chicago. In addition to an upcoming episode on Sun Wah BBQ, he’ll be filing from central Texas hill country, where he visited with the legendary 84-year-old Vencil Mares of Taylor Cafe.

Reports Gebert, “I missed getting on tape the coolest thing I saw at Taylor Cafe–Mr. Mares wrestling with whole briskets with a fork clamped in his arthritic hand. To get to his bar he had to use a walker, but there was no question of him not handling those briskets himself. Unfortunately, it was right as I arrived, I hadn’t even introduced myself, and I was afraid if I aimed a camera at him without southern pleasantries, next I’d find my camera and a couple of teeth in the dusty gravel outside the place.”